Adoption is defined in the dictionary as “a judicial proceeding that transfers all rights and responsibilities of a biological parent to an adoptive parent.”  Adoption is an excellent way for parents to grow their family and provide a loving environment for a child.  Sharon T. Massey and her experienced legal team specialize in adoptions and adoption law in Clarksville and middle Tennessee.

“I did a relative adoption thru Atty. Massey’s firm & could not be more pleased! She & her entire staff went above all expectation from start to finish and my whole family was impressed with how all were treated w/respect & compassion which was needed to work things out. Her exemplary detail, personal attention, guidance & care she gave myself & the birth mom on paperwork being signed was exactly what the birth mom needed to understand Atty. Massey was selected specifically to protect her rights!”

— Jean-Marie

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

american association of adoption attorneysSharon T. Massey is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, a national association of approximately 340 attorneys who practice and have distinguished themselves in the field of adoption law.  The Academy’s work includes promoting the reform of adoption laws and disseminating information on ethical adoption practices.


People desiring adoption have many choices:

  • Adoptions may happen at the international, interstate or local level.
  • Adoptions can be accomplished using a licensed agency or private placement.
  • Relatives, step-parents and foster parents commonly adopt.
  • Some governmental agencies may provide subsidies and/or financial assistance to persons wanting to adopt, especially in cases of older or special needs children, or children in foster care.
  • Adoptions may be open, where the adoptive parents know the identity of the birth parents (and vice versa) or closed, where neither party is aware of the identity of the other.
  • Placements may occur through methods of assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Since stringent rules about “traditional families” have lessened in recent years, adoptions may now be an option for single persons and same-sex (GLBT) couples wanting to build their family.


Step-parent adoptions

Perhaps the most common type of adoption is a step-parent adoption.  The “step-parent” has begun to fill the role of the absent parent.  There is no longer a child support obligation after finalization.


The Law Office of Sharon T. Massey provides the following types of adoptions:

Relative   |   Step-parent   |   Private   |   Agency   |   Interstate   |   Intercountry


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