When divorce is inevitable choose a trusted attorney

When a marriage fails it can be a traumatic experience for all concerned, but if a divorce is the only outcome, your first action should be obtaining a good and trustworthy family law attorney.

Even if you feel that a divorce will be an amicable one, there are pitfalls that an experienced attorney can guide you through with your best interests in mind.

There are some basic tips that will help you and your attorney through this difficult and complex process.

• The relationship with your attorney needs to be founded on trust.  You’ll need to trust your attorney and in the same way, your attorney must trust you.  Your attorney needs to rely on information you provide them to present your case.  Don’t withhold any information that could jeopardize your case.

• Don’t have unrealistic goals for the outcome of your case.  Your attorney can’t predict the outcome but can give you an experienced evaluation of what you should expect.

•  Be prepared.  Keep financial records, receipts, pay stubs, emails and other pertinent documents.  Being organized can help your attorney help you and save you money.

• And most importantly, listen to your attorney.  If they ask you to do or not do something, you should comply as best you can.  You have to do your part so your attorney can do theirs.

When choosing an attorney, don’t look for the first one in the phone book or see who has the most expensive advertising.  Take your time, get helpful information and recommendations from friends or people you know and trust.  Choose an attorney who is well respected in the community.  If there are more negative reviews than positive, that might be a red flag.

Remember, trust is of the utmost importance in your relationship with an attorney who is going to guide you through this difficult process.


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