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What to Bring to Closing

  • Identification
    Bring a government issues picture ID.
  • Funds from Closing
    If receiving a wire, please bring your wiring instructions from your bank or a voided check.
  • Funds to Close
    In the event the seller needs to bring money to closing, the funds must be a certified check payable to Massey Title & Escrow, LLC. Any funds over $10,000 will need to be wired, please contact our office for wiring instructions.

The Closing Process

Under Contract

Once the buyer and seller have executed the contract, their real estate agent or one of the parties will send the contract to the closing agent.

When the closing agent gets a new contract they complete a title examination of the property. A title exam is an examination of the public records for the property. The title exam will determine the name of the current owner, any liens or mortgages associated with the owners or attached to the property.

Pre Closing

The title agent will send out information forms for the buyers and sellers to complete, this information will allow us to order mortgage payoffs for the seller, HOA information, and anything else we need regarding the property.

The title agent will communicate with the lender throughout the process regarding loan documents and clearance of any title issues that may appear during the title exam.

Once the file has the clear to close and all documentation has been provided to the title agent, all parties will be notified of the time and place of the closing. A Closing Discloser (CD) and Settlement Statement will be sent to all parties to show everything that is being collected and paid at the closing. At this time the parties will be notified of how much they will need to bring to closing and wire instructions, if necessary.


Buyers, Sellers, their agents, and the title agent will meet and sign closing documents.

Post Closing

After the closing is complete, the title agent will send all signed documents to the buyer’s lender and will record any recordable documents at the Register of Deeds office. The Seller’s payoff will be sent to their mortgage company. All funds gathered at the closing are then disbursed accordingly.